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About us

Harpenden Learning for Leisure (HLfL) is a local voluntary body set up to run educational leisure courses for all members of the community. Courses cover diverse topics such as art, music appreciation, literature, history and current affairs. No qualifications or prior experience are required to attend. There is no requirement to attend a Part 1 course to join a Part 2 course; each course is effectively free-standing. Lectures are participatory, and whilst some students may take notes, there are no tests or exams at the end. It is all about learning for leisure in Harpenden!
Courses run in the Autumn and Spring terms with one or two in the early Summer. In general they comprise of ten classes per term of two hours each although we are experimenting with shorter courses of five classes.

Course Venues

The courses take place in rooms of the Harpenden Trust Centre Southdown Road Harpenden, and the Function room of the Plough & Harrow pub opposite. All venues are easy to access, light, well ventilated (via windows) and are sufficiently spacious to allow for socially distanced seating if desired. We decided on a maximum class size of 24 students and 20 for the Randall Room. More than that in a class may detract from individuals' learning for leisure!

Parking is available at the Co-op supermarket nearby. (Please note that the car park at the Plough and Harrow is for pub patrons only). The Function Room at the Plough and Harrow has its own entrance, accessed from the Garden Area at the back of the building. Although it can also be accessed through the bar area during opening hours. The Small Hall is above the Co-op supermarket at 130a Southdown Road. Click here for the location.

Courses for 2024/25

We have published our 2024/2025 curriculum. Some courses you will recognise and some are new titles with new lecturers. Lecturers and rooms are booked but the success of each course depends on take up and participation by you, the students. To view click the following: Autumn 2024 and Spring 2025 web pages.
If you find something appealing, as we're sure you will, please apply for Autumn 2024 courses from 17th June. For Spring 2025 courses apply towards the end of the Autumn term, the date to be advised.
Click here for a printable handout covering terms Autumn '24 and Spring '25.
Please note that to run Harpenden Learning for Leisure our operating costs continue to increase but we will hold course fees at the current level for as long as is viable.

If you have any further questions after reading the course details, please email us: info@harpendenlearningforleisure.org.uk. If you like what you see then please refer to the How to apply page to make your booking.